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2022 Photo Contest

“Celebrating Salem” Through Photos Past and Present"
Join us in celebrating Salem with beautiful pictures showing sites found throughout our town. Perhaps
there are lovely flower gardens, businesses, schools, attractions, events or homes that you would like to
commemorate with a photo entry. These entries can be from our memorable past or present day.
Black and white or color photos will be accepted and must be of good quality. The photos should be
5”X7” in size and include the location of the picture and the name and address of the person submitting
the photo on the back. A non-refundable entry fee of $10.00 is required for each photo entered.
Winners will be announced and awards presented at the conclusion of the Apple Butter Festival Little
Apple Dumpling Children’s Pageant on Thursday, October 6th on the Depot Stage at approximately
5:00 PM.
The winning photos will be displayed in the lobby of the Salem Post Office for the next year and on this page All
remaining photos will be returned following award announcements or can be picked up at the Salem
Post Office.
For additional information, contact Julie Cox at (304) 669-9726 or email us at
“Celebrating Salem” Photo Contest
Complete the form below, detach and mail with the $10.00 entry fee by October 1, 2022 to :

Salem Apple Butter Festival, Attn: Salem Photo Contest, PO Box 293, Salem, WV 26426. Please make check
payable to Salem Apple Butter Festival.
Name of person making photo submission: __________________
Address of Photo Submitter: _____________________________
Home Telephone: _____________ Cell: ___________________
Photo Location: _______________________________________
Approximate Date of Photo: ______________
Signature of this application indicates permission for photo to be displayed at Salem Post Office for
one year time period and copied to The Salem Apple Butter Festival Website for publicity purposes
without time limits.
Signature:_________________________________ Date: ______________________

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